We are micro-roasters dedicated to bringing you the finest coffees in the world which we roast in small batches every couple of days to bring you the best, freshest, and most remarkable coffee possible.


Did you know that coffee starts to go stale 10 days after its roasted?  Many folks don't.  In fact, the big coffee companies are banking on you not knowing. 


Most high-profile coffee shops serve old beans. They have to. There is just no way they can roast the beans, package them, ship them around the country, restock shelves and get them in customers hands while the beans are fresh.


Just for fun ... the next time you are in another coffee shop ask for the date the coffee was roasted and see what they say. It is likely they they are charging you premium prices for stale coffee. 


We only mention that because our coffee has a Roasted On Date so you know you are always getting the freshest coffee. It just tastes better.


You wouldn't pay a high price for stale bread. You shouldn't buy or drink stale coffee. Life is too short.



We also support fair-trade, organic coffee farmers. They do all the work and deserve a fair price for their efforts. Especially considering they have gone through the multi-year process to get themselves certified organic. Being certified organic actually means a lot when it comes to coffee. In the US many pesticides are banned as they are poisonous to people.


However, many of those same pesticides are still used in coffee growing regions and end up in the coffee that you drink everyday ... unless that coffee is certified organic.


Look for the organic seal on your coffee. It'll do you good.


Compare the taste and cost of the coffee you've been getting elsewhere to ours. Check if it is fair-trade and organic. 


We guarantee that once you try our coffee you'll taste the difference.